Professional Credentials

-Certified Yoga Instructor ERYT
-200 hours with The Yoga Alliance
-Level 2 Thai Yoga body worker

Specific Training:

-Yoga Nidra with Richard Miller
-Restorative yoga with Judith Hanson Lasater and Cora Wen
-Adaptive, therapeutic study with Doug Keller, Timothy McCall, T.K.V. Desikachar and  others.

Currently Teaching:

-yoga for all levels in an adapting style
-through UAB’s Cancer Survivor program
-conducts monthly Yoga Nidra sessions.

Suzanne Graham combines a flowing style with a focus on strength, breath, light-heartedness and a quiet spirituality. She finds that yoga provides the connection between the physical body, the true self, and the divine energy of the universe. Suzanne is an ERYT 200 Kripalu lineage and a level 2 Thai Yoga facilitator.

Twenty years ago she was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis. The right side of her  body was greatly compromised and Suzanne began to tackle her wellness with both Western and Eastern healing modalities. Also, along the road of maintaining an active lifestyle there were injuries- -some requiring surgery– resulting in accidents, cycling, dance in college, and simply aging. Yoga became her physical workout that seeped into mental and emotional release. She began to explore the physical side of therapeutic yoga, working in a slower more gentle style, adapting to the needs of her body. Suzanne’s yoga is an outcome of her  passion for sharing the healing and therapeutic benefits of yoga. As someone who has spent time personally and professionally working with injuries, chronic and acute pain, illnesses and special needs, she personally witnessed the profound benefits yoga can provide on the path of healing.

Classes taught are designed with a moderate to gentle pace for those seeking a slower physical release and softer approach to understanding how yoga can help heal physical, emotional and mental stress. The practice will help students gain flexibility, strength and coordination. Incorporating breathing techniques and slow movements, students will enhance overall physical health, mental clarity and sense of well-being.  Suzanne’s classes are appropriate for all levels and will yield a therapeutic application for each individual.

“Yoga is for everybody and every body. All persons are capable of experiencing the benefits of yoga, even those with serious limitations. I truly believes that yoga is a healing art.”

In this video, Suzanne talks about restorative yoga and its benefits-